Tools Matter: Das Keyboard Mini-review

So I blew 150$ on a new keyboard recently. Was it worth it?

I’ve used a desktop Apple keyboard for a while, but never really got comfortable with it. It was just… off. I felt slower than I should, and never got used to the shape and feedback of the keys.

I’ve had my eye on the more classic, mechanical IBM Model-M style keyboards for a while.¬†Jeff Atwoods recent blog post finally pushed me over the edge. I ended up with this: the Das Keyboard Model S Ultimate.

After a month of use I’m really happy with it. My typing speed has gone from 70-ish to 85-ish words per minute, and I love the feel of it.

It may not be for everyone, though. Here’s my summary:



All in all: If you have the money, are considering an old-school keyboard and don’t mind the noise, go for it!