What’s more geeky than obsessing over backup schemes on your home computer?


Setting up version control at home!

I recently decided to start using Subversion for version control of files on my home desktops.

I got the idea after switching to Site5 as host for my home domain. Their knowledge base references some handy howto files for setting up an ssh-accessible svn repository at their servers. Neat.

What I basically did:

I’m quite keen on knowing how to do things on the command line, but opening a terminal and typing svn commit --message "Commited change X in file Y" gets old quickly. So onto a GUI app we go. Scplugin is a nice open source svn client that integrates into the Finder in OS X, a la Tortoise SVN on Windows.



Presto! Off-site (off-continent, actually!) backups, more controllable retrieval of backups and older versions, ability to check out and work on my home projects anywhere. Now to convince my girlfriend to commit her files regularly, too…