Released My First Real Product!

For the past couple of months I’ve worked on a nontrivial project: build, launch and sell a commercial product on my own.

I set fairly strict constraints for the project:

Well, I did it. The result is ThoughtMuse, an online mindmapping tool which runs in your browser. I released v.1.0 a week ago.

It’s early days.  ThoughtMuse has some rough edges which I need to improve, and there’s plenty of additional features I’d like to add to it.

So do I have any paying customers yet? Well, the magical first sale ticked in a few days after launch; the sweetest $35.40 I’ve ever earned. Building and selling something on your own is extremely rewarding. Making a profit? Sure, that would be nice as well. :)

You learn a lot by building a commercial product all on your own. I’m going to write more on this later on.