Current projects

I currently work on Android and mobile development at Shortcut AS. You can find my past and present code on Github. I occasionally blog and speak publicly. Some other stuff I currently spend time on includes:

GDG Oslo (2014-now)

I help organize the local Google Developer Group meetup, GDG Oslo. GDG Oslo is a non-profit community that hosts talks, workshops and hackathons related to Google-centric tech such as Android, Polymer, Dart, Go etc.

Past projects

Web Rebels (2012-2015)

From its beginning I helped organize the annual Web Rebels conference, which is an intimate, non-profit community driven conference for everyone who loves developing applications and services using web technology.

Gitorious (2011-2013)

For two years I was a core commiter on Gitorious, the open source git collaboration platform. I was also partner/co-owner at Gitorious AS, where we bootstrapped a profitable business around selling Gitorious hosting and services to enterprise customers.

Mine Verktøy (2011)

The Norwegian version of "The Setup". For about a year during 2011 I published weekly interviews with norwegian techies and creatives about which software and hardware tools they use. Currently dormant.

ThoughtMuse (2009)

Created an online mindmapping product, implemented as browser-based SaaS service in JavaScript and Rails. Bootstrapped it from idea to launched product in 6 months. Didn't make a lot of money but learnt a lot about product development and entrepreneurship.

QuickTetris (2009)

I wrote a web-based Tetris clone in order to improve my grasp of frontend development. I also documented the experience in a series of blog posts: "Writing a JavaScript Tetris; Lessons learned from a Ruby chap". The article was featured on during the winter of 2009.


Using Go for Web Services|Servers|Sites (2014)

At the GDG Oslo meetup in late 2014 I gave an introduction to basic web service implementation in Go, including the current common frameworks, pros and cons of doing so.

How Stateless Can You Go? (2011)

I was invited to host a meetup of Oslo Coding Dojo. I created, presented and facilitated the group task for the evening.

Minesweeper Code Kata (2011)

I performed this programming exercise live in front of an audience at the GoOpen2011 conference in Oslo. It was very well received.

Ruby 101: A Ruby Primer (2010)

I taught an single-evening workshop on basic Ruby. The courseware (slides, exercises and solutions) is freely available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license.

Interactive Programming For Fun and Profit (2010)

At the JavaZone 2010 conference I gave an hour-long presentation about interactive programming in Ruby, JavaScript and Clojure. I livecoded simple examples ranging from basic text REPL up to live development of a 3D game. Video recording of the talk available here (in Norwegian).

JavaScript Needn't Hurt! (2010)

Cut my introductory JS workshop down to a one hour talk, which I presented at a joint meetup of javaBin and Framsia.

JavaScript Needn't Hurt! (2010)

Created and taught a single-evening workshop on basic, modern JavaScript development.

FizzBuzz Code Kata (2010)

Demonstrated a simple code kata for the Oslo Code Dojo meetup group, showcasing basic test-driven development in JavaScript. There's a prerecorded version here.

Pomodoro: En eggeklokke fikk produktet mitt ut døra (2009)

Presented a lightning talk about the Pomodoro Technique at the Smidig2009 conference.