Polishing Rust

I’m nowhere near as good a programmer as I should be.

I’m not terrible - just a bit off from where I should be.

What actually made this hit home was, initially, some of the job interviews I went through last year. I did get offers from all the companies I interviewed at. Maybe this isn’t saying much given how crazy the IT job market has been for the last few years… or am I actually ahead of a bunch of really terrible programmers? Now there’s a scary thought for you!

Anyway, some of the more hardball interview questions did give me a clear sense of some areas I’m weak, rusty or just plain ignorant in. Later on I got an additional wakeup call from this blog post. Go on, go read it right now.

Some consider Steve Yegges idea of a phone screen (or job interview) somewhat harsh. However, you should know this stuff if you consider yourself a professional developer. The article painfully reminded me of all the stuff I’ve either A) forgotten or B) simply never bothered to learn.

So, resolution time. I’m going to pick a few areas that I need to improve in initially, and I’ll try to invest at least a few hours each week (outside of work). My current todo list:

Time to polish the rust and sharpen the blade.