Javascript Tetris Pt 2: Planning

What sort of game should we build?

It has to be something simple, since this is just a learning exercise for me (as a relative Javascript newbie). The scope of the project should be small, preferrably under a week or two using free time in the evenings. This will limit the complexity of the game; we can’t support too much input, ouput or complex game state.

We also don’t have time to seriously ponder high level game design, so the most practical approach is to just clone an existing game template. Tetris is a nice candidate. Everyone knows how to play it. It has few and simple rules and a nicely static and rectangular playing field. Also, we can get away with very basic and functional presentation. You don’t need fancy art direction and killer sound to play tetris.

5 minutes of whiteboarding yields a minimalist game design document:


We’ll dub the game Quicktetris. This reminds us to keep the project small, simple and easily finished. :) Another fifteen minutes spent mindmapping and we have a rough backlog of features that we need to implement:


(This was the rough, preliminary plan. While I started out with the plan outlined in the mindmap above, the actual implementation work ended up a little different.)

That should be enough planning for our little project; time go get started!