Blog reboot

I’m changing a few things about this blog.

First; new blogging software. The last setup had no spam protection of any sort, so I ended up with 50+ spam comments under every post within weeks. I ended up just trashing the old blog and installing a new one, powered by Wordpress. Will be interesting to see how effective the Akismet plugin is against spam comments…

Secondly; I’m adjusting the scope of my posts wee bit. Originally I wanted to use this blog exclusively for work and development-related stuff. That didn’t really work, for two reasons. At my last job I ended up writing most of my software development posts on the internal blog of my employer. I’ve also found that my enthusiasm for writing about strictly work-related stuff on my spare time isn’t constant, but rather waning and waxing over time.

So from now on I’ll use the blog to prattle on about things both work-related and otherwise. Hopefully this’ll motivate me to trickle out more regular posts… well, maybe. We’ll see.

Finally; I reposted the few posts that did make it into the old blog.